This is the game I have been working on and wanted to play for years. I love engine builders and worker placement games. But also love dice combat. This is a world with a story and world changing events. It has the tension as dragons appear and can even multiply and spread around the globe. Place your workers to mine locations and even become a merchant yourself. Manage your engine and acquire upgrades to keep it running optimally. Combat is with dice and unique card abilities with a twist in that your resources are the dice themselves. Do you trade them in for an upgrade or use them in battle?
Finally there are story driven events and locations that may alter world of Risen and give the players the choice on how to deal with the unexpected turns. 

 It is all integrated in quick player turns. Focus on a strategy that will make your army the strongest, richest and ultimately the new post dragon super power.


  • Fast player turns 
  • Worker placement
  • A Euro take on dice I call Dice Management
  • Tension and build up to a climatic final battle
  • Multiple tactics and avenues to victory
  • Replayability
  • Cooperative Player interactions
  • Discoveries and story driven twists
  • Awesome character miniatures


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